Let the hippie invasion begin!

I’m impressed with Vice President Jusuf Kalla. He seems to be getting his stuff together these days. After first saying that drastic birth control measures were needed in Java to get the population down to a reasonable level, he’s now said that Indonesia will grant foreign visitors visas for up to 120 days compared to the current 30 days in a bid to boost tourism.

An eminently sensible move in my opinion – after all 30 days is no way long enough to explore Indonesia – especially if you are planning to visit some far flung places – like in Eastern Indonesia.

Places with fantastic remote beaches, beautiful red sunsets and aquamarine seas. But add some of your quality local grown and dollar-a-day accommodation in bamboo huts and you’ve got a magnet for the hippie brigade. Nothing wrong with that of course. I ain’t no hippie myself but could never understand why some people hate ‘em so much. Kill the hippies and all that rubbish. As one guy here said:

I hate people who hate hippies. What are hippies doing to you? People are such total assholes to hippies when the hippies aren't doing anything to them. Why can't people just have their own beliefs without being looked down upon? But i do hate Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Conservatives, cops, and overall just hate the government. i hate that the Republicans AND Democrats are both fucking hypocrite liars and how no one votes Liberatarian because this country is full of fucking braindead redneck assholes. i hate how no matter what someone is always above you no matter how fucking stupid they are the daddy’s rich little bastard will always be above you etc etc.

As for me, I really hate those idiots who have got nothing better to do than torture whales. God knows why the civilized world allows them to get away with such savagery. Don’t they ever learn from history? No apologies is their mantra. Yeah I want a woman to comfort me too – but at least I’ll find one who is willing!

So I was well pleased to read that these butchers may have to cut short their annual whale slaughter after their main whaling ship caught fire in the Antarctic. Ironically, Greenpeace have offered to tow the stricken ship to safety, but I reckon they should just be left there to freeze over the next few weeks. That’d teach ‘em a lesson or two. And I’m sure they could always find ways to stay warm and comfort each other on their stupid freezing ship! Hahaha!


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