The World’s Largest Quran

The world’s largest Al-Qur’an can be found in the Al-Shriyyah Nurul Iman Islamic boarding school in Kampung Waru RT 01/01, DesaWaru Jaya, Parung, Bogor, West Java.

The head of the boarding school Al-Shiriyyah Nurul Iman, Assyekh Habib Saggaf bin Mahdi bin Assyekh Abubbakar bin Salim, said that the Al-Qur’an was sent from Moro in the Philippines.

The Al-Qur’an is 2 meter in length and 2.80 meters wide. It is also made from banana leaf rather than paper.

The World’s Largest Quran
This picture of the Al-Qur’an was taken whilst it was on show at Thamrin Mall in Central Jakarta during Ramadan 2010.


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