What surprised me about this club after arriving in the late hours one wet and windy evening was how dark it was in there. I mean sure all nightclubs are dark but it wasn’t till I noticed some girl’s face about three centimeters away from mine that I realized I hadn’t gone into a empty club but a pretty full one!

After a while my eyes adjusted a bit, and even without the nightvision goggles, I somehow managed to get to the bar.

Yep, it’s dodgy in here alright. Not the place to invite the mother-in-law - although her better half might have his curiosity piqued!

Big mammas circulate like opportunistic vultures helping the older men to order their finger-licking-good fried chicken; rooms (apparently) upstairs at cheap rates. The place at the weekends practically never closes. Mostly pros but some freelancers. I met a housewife who – I later found out – was wearing a wig. Pill pandemonium.

Worth a visit just to know places like this exist. Otherwise you simply wouldn’t believe it…

Lokasari Komplex 5th Floor,
Blok C no 1-12,
Jalan Mangga Besar


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