Gereja Sion, now and tempo dulu

Gereja Sion, or better known as the Portuguese Church, is located on the corner of Jalan Pangeran Jayakarta and Mangga Dua Raya.

Admist the cacophony of modern day Jakarta, it is incredible to know that the building was completed back in 1695. The church was officially “blessed” on Sunday 23 October 1695 by Priest Theodorus Zas.

This church is the oldest building in Jakarta which is still used for the purpose it was originally built. Many of the religious items in the church are also very old.

In 1920, a fence was build around the church.

Today, thank God (!!!), the church is protected by government degree (SK Gubernur DKI Jakarta CB/11/1/12/1972) and so it should hopefully not be torn down to make way for another mall of which there are now around one for every 12 of the city's residents.

Gereja Sion tempo dulu:
 Gereja Sion tempo dulu

Gereja Sion as it stands today (with added photoshop effects):
 Gereja Sion Jakarta


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