Labor Day in Jakarta

A socialist, a capitalist and a communist agreed to meet. The socialist was late. 'Excuse me for being late, I was standing in a queue for sausages.'
'And what is a queue?' the capitalist asked.
'And what is a sausage?' the communist asked.

Sukarno of course went a little too far in tinkering with communism, and subsequently paid the price. Suharto took over and at least 500,000 people were killed according to some estimates. Most of those butchered were peasants who didn’t really have a clue about politics. But hey – that’s life. And death of course. The Americans did their bit, supplying names of those to be killed (how times change eh?), and the slaughter got underway. Read the account of a former CIA operative in Indonesia

But Sukarno had had a good innings. Like most “socialist” leaders, he had accumulated a huge fortune and spent the nation’s money on elaborate projects like the
Senayan Sports Stadium and Monas (a huge phallic monument honoring his manhood according to some) while his people starved. He even had time to seek out suitable marriage partners in Japanese nightclubs.

But what most people don’t know is that Sukarno also had a crush on one of the sexiest women of all time, the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe.

Happy Labor Day!

I’ll give you Bali, if you say yes…


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