A tall Jesus (statue) in Manado

Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim country.

But head north to far-flung Manado, and you will find what is now said to be Asia’s tallest statue of Jesus Christ.

A tall Jesus (statue) in Manado

And standing nearly 100 feet tall it’s certainly a whopper - although still someway shorter than the Jesus you can find in Rio de Janeiro.

And who built it?

One of Indonesia’s wealthiest businessmen, a property mogul called Ciputra.

But although rich, Ciputra ain’t that rich. And he’s certainly someway behind Indonesia’s richest tycoon, the effervescent Minister for the *Proletariat’s* Wallfair, Mr Weasel Wakrie, who has, according to some estimates, over 5,400 million dollars to his name.

Anyway, let’s just hope that the jut-jawed minister - who is a Muslim – doesn’t want to upstage Ciputra.

Cos then we really would be in trouble!


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