Anyone for scaly anteater soup?

Fetus version, of course:

 Pangolin Fetus SoupSource: National Geographic

Yikes! Now if that’s not the sickest thing I’ve seen since, er, the absurdly OTT funeral of a world-famous pedophile wacko, then I don’t know what is.

And not the sort of thing you’d want the Misses to serve up for your evening meal.

Hell, I’d rather eat bakso. I would. I really would….

Note: The Indonesian variety of the scaly anteater is called Sunda Pangolin and it takes its name from the Indonesian word pengguling (something that rolls up). And right now, our scaly anteater friends are being hunted to extinction by morons to be supplied to other morons who believe that these endangered creatures somehow make you more virile. Now that’s obviously a load of old cock, and – more to the point - couldn’t these people just take the little blue pill anyway?


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