A couple of biologists have caused a bit of an uproar in the scientific world by suggesting that our closest cousins are orangutans rather than chimps (the DNA of chimps is much closer to our DNA than orangutan DNA apparently).

But rather ironically, the question would actually fall on deaf ears in the countries where the orangutans actually come from (Indonesia and Malaysia) as neither chimp nor orangutan is considered to be our closest cousin in those countries - Darwin’s work may be considered a comical farce but it also poses a threat to the conventional wisdom. Bring in evolution and the bloody great tower of cards simply collapses.

Personally, I’d have to side with the chimps. They are better actors after all (do you really think orangutans could have done those PG Tips ads?!)

But then again, the chimps don’t have beards. Hmmm…

Oran Utan at Taman Safari


Anonymous said... @ 12 September 2010 at 04:00

Orangutans...their dreamy.Like that big fellow up there.Bet his dreaming of margarita.

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