Michael Jackson is liberated in Bali!

Michael Jackson visited Bali a number of times - apparently because he fell in love with the place, but perhaps, for more dark and worrying reasons (and I’m not suggesting he liked any herbal either!) Of course the truth is never likely to come out, but what is certainly true is that Michael got to visit Antonio Blanco, and even commissioned a few paintings from the Spainish maestro (hopefully not of little Balinese boys playing in streams!)

But even though Jacko is gone – at least from this world – there are apparently concerns – justified in my opinion – that he might be tormented in the spirit world for what he had got up to – or down to as the case might be – on planet Earth. So up crop a US trio of music lovers who liberate Michael Jackson’s soul in a moksha (liberation) ceremony at the Nava Mukunda temple at Tirunavaya in India. As for Bali, no ceremonies have been conducted thankfully, although now might be a good time for the Balinese to start praying that the terrorist lunatics don’t launch any more attacks in Indonesia after the mayhem last week in Jakarta.

But liberation is one thing and memorials are another, and reports have surfaced that the authorities plan to
erect statues of Michael Jackson in certain touristy spots. How many will be errected in Kuta I wonder?

“Not only will it give a boost to tourism in Bali but it will also honor Michael’s life,” said a local official.

But let’s just hope the Balinese don’t start worshiping them…


  1. According to the Japanese, this album was released from the moon ..

  2. You should do more research before you besmirch a man's character my friend . A quick search for celebrity friends defending MJ should do the trick . Sexual abuse isn't something that should be made fun of and . Maybe you should email Eddie Griffin with your post . I'm sure you'd come away from the exchange more enlightened with facts if not spirituality
    God Bless


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