Missing out on the solar eclipse

It was rather galling to read about the total solar eclipse taking place over parts of Asia on Wednesday while having to miss out on the show in Indonesia. So near yet so far, you could say. Oh well. Not the end of the world admittedly, but solar eclipses are a bad omen nonetheless and are even said to exert extremely strong negative energies on planet Earth. Stock prices fall like camel shit drops to the ground. Could even explain I suppose why the moonbats take to slaughtering innocents in five star hotels – if you could ever find reasons to explain the totally unreasonable of course.

But if the solar eclipse really is a bad omen then we should be grateful that the next time one will be seen in Indonesia will not be until March 9, 2016. That’s a long time, but would it be expecting too much to hope that the terrorist vermin are gonna be quiet until then?

It’s not only the moonbats who are blinded


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