Yoke Paramita Djati Walujo

Miss Bali, Yoke Paramita Djati Walujo, has come out on top (sorry!) in the Bikini Contest for the “Miss Tourism Queen of 2009” held in Xinyang, China.

 Yoke Paramita Djati Walujo
Now that’s all very well and congrats to her, but why did she compete as Miss Bali and not as Miss Indonesia?

I mean there are still people out there who actually believe that Bali is a country in its own right rather than part of Indonesia.

So, if the Miss Tourism Queen – who is usually associated with a specific country – is called Miss Bali, then won’t this only serve to perpetuate this wrongly held belief?


  1. because Miss Tourism Queen International allows special regions that are famous for their tourism, such as Phuket (Thailand), Borneo (Malaysia) and Bali (Indonesia).
    There is Miss Indonesia in this competition, her name is Patricia Henrietta Eman.

  2. She is beautiful and looks smart.

  3. Cantik tapi kurang cerdas , buktinya berjalan di muka umum nggak pakai busana


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