Obama snubs SBY!

God it’s getting worse.

Not only has the Obama administration
banned the sale of Indonesian clove cigarettes in the US but they’ve also decided to snub Indonesia in the US President’s upcoming Asian visit!
WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama's first Asian trip as president will include Japan, Singapore, China and South Korea, but NOT Indonesia, where he spent four years of his life.

Obama and his mother moved from Hawaii to Jakarta, Indonesia, when he was 6 years old. They left to return to the United States when he was 10.

It’s not made clear why Obama has lost his love for his childhood home but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s worried about taking some stick from the Indonesians over Uncle Sam’s absurd decision to outlaw clove cigarettes.
Oh well Obama. You’ll just have to wait until you can try your bakso meatballs again - which ironically with all the borax packed into ‘em are probably a damn sight more dangerous than puffing on a kretek!


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