Gazza: Kill your son.
Jones: Why?
Gazza: To show that you love me more than your son.
Jones: But I do love you. You know that.
Gazza: Well prove it then. Kill your son.
Jones: But killing’s wrong.
Gazza: Watch it – I’m the one that gets to make the rules around here.
Jones: Can’t I kill my wife instead? I love her more than my son, honest 
Gazza: Nope. Your son.
Jones: But if everyone was willing to kill someone to prove their love, they’d be an awful lot of dead people around here, wouldn’t there?
Gazza: Sure would.
Jones: Do I really have to kill him?
Gazza: Yes you do.
Jones: Oh, alright then.
Gazza: Actually, no you don’t! Just kidding!

Gazza and JonesGazza and Jones share an intimate moment


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