Suparwono: Indonesia’s tallest man!

His name is Suparwono and he comes from the small village of Tri Tunggal Jaya in Lampung, Sumatra.

And boy is he tall!

No wonder they call him the “Giant of Lampung”!

For a time there were even suggestions he might be the world’s tallest man!

But after measurements were taken this didn’t turn out to be the case.

Yes he is bloody tall, but the 25 year old Indonesian stands 7ft 11in high – or just two inches shorter than the world’s tallest man, the Turkish giant Sultan Kosen, who is 8ft 1in.

Suparwono says he is “proud” of his height, but added that it was sometimes a struggle being so tall in a country where things are designed for much smaller frames.

I know what he means and I’m only around 6ft tall.

I mean can you imagine this guy getting into a microlet or Metro Mini?

He’d either have to lie down –

- or they could strap him to the roof I suppose!

And as for finding a marriage partner, well that's a thought too bizarre to contemplate!


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