The Armani Exchange AX Studded Eagle T-Shirt
Just another overpriced T shirt from Armani? Or an item of subversive clothing that threatens the very fabric (sorry!) of Indonesian society?

Well both actually.

The first point of contention is its astronomical US$42 retail price.

Utterly mad.

By way of comparison, I usually get my T shirts from Blok M for between US$3-10 depending on the quality. And as they manage to survive the brutal scrubbing of my thick-armed maid, they can’t be half-bad.

As for the Armani T shirt being subversive? Well, this is what Eva Kusuma Sundari, a member of the nationalistic Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), had to say:

"It's such an insult for us… The Garuda is very sacred to us as a nation.”

But threats from some members of the House of Representatives to sue Armani Exchange for willfully desecrating the Garuda Pancasila - which carries a prison term of one year or a Rp 100 million fine - seem to have worked.

Armani have
removed the product from their Indonesian website.

So if you want one you’ll have to buy from an overseas seller.



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