Indonesian geckos are being hunted!

The Save the Gecko Coalition has reacted strongly to news that Indonesia’s much loved little reptile, the Gecko, is being hunted down by heartless Indonesian villagers in Banjarsawah, East Java:

The industry began four years ago when one villager, Abdurrahman, began drying geckos at home and selling them to an exporter.

Now, more than 100 hunters scour the forest nightly catching the skittering lizards and delivering them to Abdurrahman, 40, who delivers them to the exporter.

Most villagers in Banjarsawah are now involved in dried gecko production. Hunters venture into the forest in groups of four or five, wearing battery-powered head lamps and catching the lizards with their gloved hands.

Source: ABC News

“We cannot allow this to go on”, said Doug Graves, the head of the Save the Gecko Coalition, adding that Geckos were not only a “highly intelligent fellow species”, but also “prophetically gifted.”

This ability of geckos to predict the future is acknowledged by the Javanese said Doug, explaining that if you hear a gecko make its distinctive “ge-koo” cry an even number of times then you know it’s a sign of good luck but if, God forbid, it’s an odd number, then things are going to get bad.

Other Amazing facts about geckos:

- It may not please Indonesians but the word "gecko" comes from the Malaysian word "geckok".

- Over 900 different types of gecko have already been discovered.

- Geckos can reach lengths of up to 14 inches.

- As you might have guessed, most geckos are nocturnal.

- Geckos that eat birds!!!

- Geckos are the only reptile to have a voice. They use it to communicate with other geckos as well as to let the Javanese know whether they are in for good or bad luck.

- One of the most amazing geckos is
Kuhl's Flying Gecko (Ptychozoon kuhli). It doesn’t actually fly as such but glides through the air thanks to the flaps on either side of its body, its webbed feet and flattened tail. These geckos can be found in Indonesia but you’d have a hell of a time finding one because of their remarkable camouflage - their eyes are often the only thing that allow you to see them.

- Geckos are thought to live 80 years and are so tough that they can take on a crocodile
and beat it. Well maybe that’s stretching it a bit much…


  1. Oh you should see this!
    Fuck education. Am going to Kalimantan, if I ain't afraid of anything lizard-like.


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