Singapore is a very small country and exceedingly rich thank you very much. They have no resources and even have to import water from neighboring Malaysia which, although not as rich as Singapore, is still a lot richer than Indonesia. As for Indonesia, it used to be very poor but is now getting steadily richer. Like Indonesia, China and Vietnam used to be very poor. But they are now getting richer and very quickly too. North Korea used to be richer than South Korea but now it’s so damn poor its people sometimes eat grass. African countries remain depressingly poor and noone expects them to get rich - ever. So what the hell is going on? What could possibly explain such divergences in wealth accumulation?

Well think about it stupid! And if that clue doesn’t help click here for one possible reason!


bagas said... @ 6 March 2010 at 17:39

Government is Important thing to make country rich,, All about nature resource potention and human resource potention its depend on the Indonesia Government. How they manage the country and all the potention that can make countries rich. Indonesia Java International Destination

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