WTF moments come thick and fast in Indonesia.

This time I’m in South Jakarta, crossing the road and carefully avoiding the lunatic motorcycle riders who speed toward me, when I notice an enormous mansion shimmering in the distance, seemingly covered in gold!!!

Curiosity often squashes the Jakarta cat but I still feel compelled to get a closer look at this architectural masterpiece. So I make my way over there.

Five minutes of walking later and this is what I see:

 Versace House in South Jakarta

An absolutely gargantuan house – my picture doesn’t do it justice – which seemingly pays homage to the celebrated gay fashion designer Gianni Versace who was tragically murdered by a psychopathic rent boy.

Closer inspection and you can make out the trademark lions.

 Versace lion Jakarta
Yep. This is a true Versace pad alright, right down to the finest details. Quite incredible but just a tad ostentatious don’t you think, given the harsh poverty not so far away?

Heck, whatever next?
Gilt edged houses of worship? Well you shouldn’t be surprised…


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