English pub gardens are magical places in the summertime. The long shadows of the towering oak trees and the easy breeze. The buzz of a bee and a pair of flirty, carefree butterflies. The sweet and sensual fragrance of an English rose. A lacing of foam gently sliding down the side of your glass, the definitive sign of a quality brew…

Such gardens of beer-drinking Eden are difficult to find in the tropics but in deepest Kemang, home to Jakarta’s stressed out expat community, you can find – if you look hard enough - the aptly-named Beer Garden tucked away down one of the narrow streets.
As beer gardens go this one is very small (seats 20-30), and whilst you may have to make do with mosquitoes for bees and a palm tree for a giant oak, it’s still a pleasant enough place to sink a few beers before you head back indoors to enjoy the ice-cold air-conditioning!

Beer Garden KemangJL. Benda No.7
Tel: (021) 789 1145
6pm- 2am (3am on weekends).
Live music on Wednesdays and weekends (acoustic)


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