The Yogyakarta Royal Palace (Kraton)

Yogyakarta is the only functioning sultanate in Indonesia and in the royal compound (the Kraton) you will come across ancient Hindu motifs, Buddhist lotus flowers, and Islamic calligraphy.

Most of the paraphernalia within the Kraton are gifts from the royal families of other countries.

The best way to reach the Kraton is by bicycle, as this makes it easier to explore the sleepy kampong surrounding the Kraton where the pace of life proceeds almost in slow motion.

Admission is more expensive for foreigners than locals but, if you can live with that shameless discrimination, make sure you come fairly early in the day as the opening hours are from 8am until only 2pm. A guide will attach themselves to you, but there is no obligation to use one, so if you don’t, just let them know – but politely of course – this is Yogyakarta after all!

Kraton yogyakarta

Kraton yogyakarta


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