Tanjung Benoa: the place in Bali for water sports!

If you are in need of an adrenaline rush whilst on holiday in Bali and don’t mind putting your life on the line – literally in this case – then head to Tanjung Benoa, a small strip of land near the plush Nusa Dua tourism complex in the south of the island.

Here you can partake in a number of exhilarating water sports including jet skis, banana boats and rubber tube racing, as well as parasailing.

In many regards, though, these activities aren’t really “sports” in any true meaning of the word – it’s more just a case of hanging on for dear life as you are dragged or driven across the sea at high speeds.

Perhaps the most dangerous of the water sports is the flying fish. The inflatable in which you sit is dragged at such a high speed by the speed boat that it literally lifts out of the water. Not one for your granny perhaps – unless she really happens to be getting on your nerves! Hahaha!

Practical tip – don’t buy tickets in advance from the touts in Kuta/Legian etc. These tickets are overpriced and the touts take large commissions. Instead just turn up early at Tanjung Benoa and you can book your rides on the spot. Purchase the rides either individually, or better still, choose a packet of rides which offers greater value for money. Enjoy!


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