Gereja Koinonia, Jatinegara

If you’ve ever passed through the insane maelstrom that is Jatinegara, you’ll probably have noticed a fine old church at the major hairpin intersection.

It was built in 1911-1916 by the Dutch and originally known as Gereja Bethel/De Betelkerk:

Gereja Koinonia, Jatinegara tempo duluWot, no traffic?!!!

Gereja Koinonia, Jatinegara And as it looks today, nearly 100 years later.

From an architectural aspect, the church makes use of gables (triangle wall sections where they meet the roof) and has a pleasant geometric design with nine separate sections. The inner sections of the church form a symmetrical cross.

Thankfully, the building is listed as a Class A building, and should therefore not be torn down anytime soon - either because of vocal protests from religious extremists or because property developers want to turn it into another bloody mall!


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