Hell, this is classic!

An advert warning parents to monitor their kids’ internet activity and TV viewing habits by depicting a…

 Indonesia’s anti-porn advert


Well, I ain’t sure what you can see – but to me it looks like a woman’s eye on its side!

This highly creative advert is for Malaysia (of all places!) but was created in…
… Jakarta, Indonesia!

Advertising Agency: DraftFCB, Jakarta, Indonesia
Creative Director: Widyalupi Nonis
Art Director: Ridward Ongsano
Copywriter: Rina Putri
DI Artist: C Production
Photographer: Gerard Adi
Published: August 2010

Note: although the ad was indeed created at the above agency, it had never been approved by the agency or passed onto a client – but was leaked by one of the agency’s employees who is reportedly “no longer with the company”
Even so it’s a great ad.

As I’m sure Tifatul would agree!!!


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