Some bright spark at, er-hum, Sparks Hotel, has only gone and come up with like the best idea ever – a spa with role play facilities!

This is a totally unique concept in Jakarta (I think!) and Sparks Hotel has incorporated a really creative range of options in their “thematic” range of spa treatments which include:

- a train carriage (wtf?!!!!)

- an office
- the doctor’s
- X-ray room (wtf?!!!!)

- Interrogation room (wtf?!!!!)
- Public toilets (wtf?!!!!)
- The tiger show
- Tatami (Japanese style)
- billiards room
- Jungle

In each setting, the therapist will dress accordingly (i.e. as a secretary in the office) and you basically take the role play from there. The interrogation room will please those of an S&M bent while the sickos will obviously be drawn to the public toilets. Avoid the office if you are tired of work obviously, but if you fancy a long ride you might want to take the train!

But acting out your fantasies doesn’t come cheap (Rp790k++) so perhaps they should have created a bank! Hahaha!

Just a little pin prick. I can promise this won’t hurt one little bit!

Sparks Hotel
Jl. Mangga Besar Raya 42,
Jakarta 11150
Telp: (021) 625 2534


Allen Jasson said... @ 21 July 2016 at 16:12

Nice article, very useful information.

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