Melly's Garden Bar & Resto

Jakarta’s overpriced hotel bars can get boring after a while – as well as doing tremendous damage to your wallet! – but there are cheaper alternatives. Sure the girls are fewer in number (and less sexily dressed for the most part) but if all you are looking for is a place to hang out and get pissed then you may want to check out Melly’s Garden Bar and Resto which is located in the IBEC Building on Jalan KH Wahid Hasyim No. 84-88.

Melly's Garden Bar & Resto

The bar’s vibe is very similar to the cheap touristy bars that you can find in places like Kuta Bali, and even for that matter Jalan Jaksa - just a short walk away.

What you can get here is beer, more beer and even more beer, as well as cocktails and even some basic grub. Interestingly for such a down to earth joint, Melly's has a couple of signature drinks that are well worth trying.

The first is called "kebunku", which translates into English as "my garden". Order this and you are presented with a steel bucket filled with ice cubes and 7 shots in it! Wonderful!

The other signature drink comes served in five glass tubes and is for some reason or another called "balonku" - or in English "my balloons".

Melly's Garden Bar & Resto

Drinking sensibly here is not really an option so be careful if you try to walk back to your hotel nearby as you could easily disappear into one of the open drains!

Melly's Garden Bar and Resto
IBEC Building (Ex Parkit Club)
JL. KH Wahid Hasyim 84,

Telp: (021) 9127 5753


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