Classic Hotel

Mirrors on the ceiling, Drink champagne all nice
And she said 'We are all just prisoners here, of our own device.
~ The Eagles

One late afternoon, a Dutch tourist was walking around the historic Pasar Baru district of central Jakarta, conjuring up images in his mind of what the place must have looked like in the years leading up to Indonesia’s independence. A lot less busy. A lot less noisy. And for sure, a lot less cars!

Pasar Baru tempo dulu

But unaccustomed to Jakarta’s oppressive heat the tourist was soon flagging. He had to do something. And he did. He took one glance at the huge and gaudy edifice in front of him and went inside. It was a decision that would change his life forever…

Hotel Classic Jakarta

Inside he found himself in a large reception area. It was pretty much like any other hotel reception area with the ubiquitous chandelier and gold-leaf imitation trim. But something felt strange to the Dutchman. The staff smiled at him as if he had a secret and they knew what it was. “Just what the fuck is going on?” he thought. But the Dutchman had already gone too far and there was no going back now.

He was then asked to make a choice. “Terminal Classic” (second floor) or “Terminal 2” (fifth floor). The third and fourth floors didn’t seem to be an option.

“Either will do,” he responded. “As long as it’s not Terminal cancer, then I’m good!!!”

The Dutchman could already feel the deep bass emanating from the sound system but it was only when he entered the large room on the second floor did the realization of where he was suddenly hit him.

He was in a bordello! For a brief moment he recalled images of the old colonial era buildings he had seen that day – buildings that were built in the 19th century, a time when, of course, the Parisian bordellos on the other side of the world were in their prime. Yep, time does move on. But some things never change!

Tip: the second floor of Classic Hotel is famous for offering patrons the opportunity to have their very own menage a trois for the very affordable sum of around Rp400k++. The pleasure of one girl will cost you just Rp270k++. As you head higher, the madness increases it seems and in Terminal 2 on the fifth floor you may even be offered 8 girls!

Classic Hotel
Jl K.H Samanhudi No.43-45,


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