Potato Head, JakartaWell, well, well. Jakarta’s Potato Head has made it onto the international scene by getting a review in that most illustrious of American finance rags, The Wall Street Journal!

And it’s a pretty good review too! Sure not perfect - but good enough nonetheless to swell Potato Head’s head to some humongously large size, or, barring that, make steam come out of its ears!

The review lauds Potato Head’s “gastropub favorites”, giving praise in particular to the clam chowder served over a buttery puff pastry (55,000 rupiah), the grilled wagyu beef burgers (120,000 rupiah), and the baby pig casserole (120,000 rupiah) which features “tender baby pig” with crispy cracklings and imported white bean stew.

The restaurant also gets kudos for its deserts, which like a beautiful and sexy woman, are almost impossible to resist.

Who could say no, for example, to the warm sticky toffee date pudding (55,000 rupiah), a simply wonderful indulgence which is “unfussy, sweet and rich, complete with a scoop of vanilla ice cream”?

The Wall Street Journal also pine on Potato Head’s inventive cocktails:

…which include a margarita sourced to a 1937 London cocktail book, and a punch made with Potato Head’s own vanilla-infused tequila.

“Of course,” the Wall Street Journal goes on to add, “none of that really helps much at lunchtime, unless you’re planning to take the rest of the afternoon off!”

Personally, Potato Head is a bit too pretentious for me and while the food is good, much better value can be found at say Zenbu, or, if you’re looking to really stuff yourself like a bag of potatoes then nothing can beat the buffet at Satoo in the Shangri-La!
Potato Head
Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Kav 52-55
Pacific Place Mall, No. G51A
Tel: 62-21-5797-3322


lady macaron said... @ 27 April 2011 at 08:14

Nonetheless one of the best places to hang out in Jakarta! and should check out their newly opened Potato Head Beach Club in Bali and the store near the entrance called No.11 Super!!

Anonymous said... @ 13 July 2012 at 03:59


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