Blue Moon Villas, Amed

Blue Moon Villas, Amed

There are cheaper places to stay in Amed – like the excellent Double One for example – but there are few better than the excellent Blue Moon Villas.

Whether it’s worth paying the extra is a purely personal decision but, if you have the money, then I say go for it – especially if you are staying here for something special like a honeymoon or wedding anniversary - or even just a dirty weekend away with your girlfriend!  :)

What Blue Moon Villas has is that extra touch of magic which can transform a pleasant stay into a highly memorable one.

The rooms are nice and clean with really comfortable beds and crisp air conditioning (so important – and not just for a good night’s sleep! Hahaha!).

In the grounds of the villa there is not just one infinity pool but a number of them - a very nice touch. Also pretty good was the food. About the only thing below par were the rather timid massages given by the masseurs who were clearly amateurs (but then again, I live in Jakarta so I would say that!).

Personally, I can live without such luxuries and am more than happy with the beautiful scenery, clean air and wonderful snorkeling nearby. But then again, if staying here makes the wife happy, then why not eh?!!!

Blue Moon Villas


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