Magnum Café - sudah tutup :(

-What would you like for lunch dear?

- Er, two Magnum ice-creams on a stick with lashings of chocolate sauce and a side serving of sprinkles and strawberries please… 

Yep, it may sound crazy but Magnum Café is an extremely popular cafe in one of Jakarta’s largest temples to consumerism, the humungous Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall.

Magnum Cafe Jakarta

When we went there a few weeks back, long queues were snaking all the way to the counter and people were being turned away.

The idea of consuming two sickly sweet magnums in one sitting is well up there on any good list of “wacky things to do in Jakarta”. But like any high-risk activity safety should always come first - so don’t forget to prepare a few insulin filled syringes beforehand.

Indonesians, of course, are masters of the art of sugar eating and have regular training sessions where they drink ice tea so sweet that the sugar will barely dissolve anymore.

Besides the specially-crafted meals on the restaurant’s menu, you can also order single magnums and dip them into all sorts of different coatings of your liking.


Magnum Cafe
Grand Indonesia level 5 west mall

NB: Magnum Café is now CLOSED. Let me know if you know the reason why!


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