Berlian Massage and Spa

Berlian Massage and Spa
I don't need you or your brand new Benz
Or your bougie friends.
I don't need love looking like diamonds
Looking like diamonds

~ Ke$ha

Berlian Massage and Spa is a cheap and cheerful spa-cum-massage joint located in the heart of Jakarta’s frenetic China town.

The cost is only around Rp300k - remarkably good value for a slow-burn soapy “body to body” massage which leads to its inevitable climax.

As for the therapists, they are, well both able and willing, but admittedly not quite as polished as their fellow sisters who work in the city’s more prestigious spas. So don't expect to see too many stunners here.

Finding Berlian Spa is a challenge itself since the spa is tucked away in a side alley off the main road very close to Hotel Mercure – just keep your eyes peeled for the Berlian sign. Needless to say - given the traffic mayhem in the area - this is far easier to accomplish if you are on foot rather than in a car or taxi.

Have fun!

Berlian Massage and Spa
Jalan Hayam Wuruk
Blok A no. 27 - 28
telp. 021-6393285


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