V2 Club, Lounge, Karaoke and Spa

The V2 was the world’s first long range ballistic missile. And, strangely enough, it is also the name of a decadent nightclub in Jakarta’s infamous Chinatown, where bombshells are indeed common - albeit of the feminine kind. So what’s it like? Well, there’s no real consensus. Some thrill seekers find the sexy dancer shows a real buzz – even if the commercial aspect of it (the girls keep pressing you to buy them drinks at Rp50k a pop) is rather crass. Others, by contrast, find it shameless, overpriced and gaudy. And they have a point – why blow at least a million here when you could simply have a couple of drinks in a hotel bar (or restaurant) and then visit one of the many specialist spas in the area for a slow-burn massage with a delectable therapist of your choice?

Verdict: Good for a stag night or perhaps to bring a client for a “lads’ night out”.

Getting there: V2 is located in the Duta Merlin building in traffic-congested Chinatown. Head to the third floor for the lounge and karaoke and the fourth floor for the spa and sauna. And if you get fed up being surrounded by scantily-clad women, you can always do your weekly shopping – there’s a Carrefour located on the ground floor!

Nope, this ain't no hospital. It's dress-up day at V2!

V2 Club, Lounge, Karaoke and Spa
Duta Merlin Plaza Lt.3
Jl. Gajah Mada Plaza 3 – 5

Telp (021) 6386 5000
website: V2


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