JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta Review

JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta

It's difficult for photographers to get close to the JW Marriott Hotel in Jakarta before over zealous security guards try to trample on your civil rights by forbidding you from using your camera. Even so I managed to get this shot before the security guard illegally prevented me from using my camera. It's very sad that a major hotel has reacted in knee jerk paranoid fashion in such a way, and is good reason in my view to avoid the hotel, even if one of the hotel's restaurant's does do quite a good, albeit pricey, buffet. Oh well, what's Marriott's loss is the Shangri-La 's gain!

JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta

Jalan Lingkar Mega Kuningan Kav E 1.2 No 1&2
Jakarta, 12950 Indonesia


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