Sun City, Jakarta

Sun City is a huge and glitzy entertainment center located in Jakarta’s bustling Chinatown district:

Sun City, Jakarta

…Oops! That ain’t it! Seems like I’ve messed up my Sun City Jakarta and Sun City South Africa pics!

Sun City Jakarta

But what Sun City Jakarta lacks in lush vegetation it makes up for in its comprehensive facilities which include a hotel, ballroom, restaurant, karaoke and, more notably, its music lounge and especially its steamy spa.

In many ways, Sun City is a great place to explore if you are just dipping your toes into the sordid waters of West Jakarta’s nightlife. It almost seems – dare I say it? – respectable.

Now I’m not suggesting that you would want to bring your granny along with you or anything, but the nastiness that taints (some would say elevates) many other clubs in the area is not there.

The shows at Sun City can be pretty good and the venue is certainly capable of pulling in some big names in Indonesia’s music industry - like the ever-effervescent Agnes Monica (a sort of Chinese Indonesian equivalent of Britney Spears).

But despite the veneer of respectability - and away from the live music shows, the restaurant and the karaoke – there is the spa. Here a whole army of so-called therapists have been assembled and they are awaiting the call to put their “bodies on the line”, so to speak, and go into action.

Choose either a local girl or, if you fancy it, you can go mainland Chinese. A pleasurable experience will set you back around Rp250k, a very pleasurable experience Rp500k, and a very very pleasurable experience up to Rp1m. All depending upon your negotiating skills. Certainly not cheap but, hell, you only live once right?

Sun City Luxury Club Jakarta
Gedung Lindeteves Trade Center floor 6
Jalan Hayam Wuruk No. 127
Jakarta 11180
Telp: (021) 6220 1900


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