It’s been quite a laborious task, but I’ve managed to go through a fair chunk of the many hundreds of cables emanating from the US Embassy in Jakarta.

A lot of it is fairly standard stuff but there are some notable gems.

Here are my favorites!

1.“SEMI-UNHINGED PALESTINIAN AMBASSADOR ALLEGES "EMBASSY COUP D'ETAT" …The hijinx continued in an April 18 press conference in which Awad brandished a pistol, glowered at a pack of chortling journalists, and demanded that he be accorded ambassadorial status until he departs Indonesia, a day that apparently cannot come soon enough for the Indonesian Foreign Ministry. http://bit.ly/piGJps Satire at its very best!

2.Minangkabau reject Abu Bakar Ba'asyir http://bit.ly/qgK2q0

3. YES! Very important this one – LAPINDO MUD FLOW CLEARLY A MAN MADE DISASTER!!!! http://bit.ly/okKrqx

4. Sinar Mas does not have responsible management, says the Embassy, criticizes Greenpeace http://bit.ly/oqGREO Another blow for APP?

5. More satire. CUPID'S COMEBACK!!!! http://bit.ly/qNDC1H Who said Embassy staff don’t have a sense of humor?

6. How’s this for irony? US assists Indonesia and MUI on HALAL certification http://bit.ly/oF4Yj8

7. How the US utilized rock band SLANK to create a positive and welcoming image of the US and fight corruption http://bit.ly/mP1WW9

8. It's Better to Eat Pork than Vote for a Kaffir: Election politics in Bangka http://bit.ly/pg6ahq Wonderful stuff.

9. FBI agents in Indonesia http://bit.ly/qf2LdM

10. US government “embeds” its personnel directly into Indonesian government offices. http://bit.ly/n7xxmn

All in all, I find the Wikileaks quite reassuring. They depict the US as a good friend of Indonesia which is helping to promote economic development, human rights and democracy in the country.

If only they’d be a bit more open about it!


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