Garuda stewardesses, boobs and tattoos

Oh dear. It looks like Garuda Indonesia are making right tits of themselves after they allegedly asked aspiring flight attendants in Korea to take off their clothes and have their breasts examined for implants.

The unnamed applicant told AFP that several dozen candidates for 18 female flight attendant positions were required to strip down to their panties for the check-up last month.

The women were told to lie on a bed while an Indonesian male doctor examined them,
reported Yonhap news agency.

Garuda does not deny the outrageous allegations.

And a Garuda official even claimed that "the breast examination by hand was held since those with implants can have health issues when air pressure falls during flights".

Yet what’s good for the flight attendant (why don’t they call them stewardesses anymore?) should also be good for the passenger.

Although one can only imagine how female passengers would respond if they had their breasts fondled before attempting to board a plane!

One of the first causalities would be Malinda Dee – the buxom corrupter at Citibank who built up a rack of quite immense proportions whilst simultaneously siphoning off the funds of her well endowed clients.

 Malinda Dee
Sorry love, you can’t get on the plane.
Why not?
You might blow up!

Garuda’s issues with the female form do not end with large and unnatural boobs.

Because their flight attendants are also banned from having tattoos as well!

Not only is this an absurd and discriminatory rule but totally hypocritical in light of
Indonesia’s rich tattoo culture which extends from the Dayaks of Kalimantan to the Balinese and the tribespeople of the Mentawai islands.

 Garuda stewardessA sweet and charming Garuda stewardess. But has she been body searched for tattoos?

sexy girl with tattooIt’s a cruel world that discriminates against girls like these!


  1. I'm sure very few just got felt up...only, as giving a blow job IS a well known way to get/keep a job!


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