Olympic Hotel, Mangga Besar, Jakarta

If you wanna be right at the “center of action” in the “Big Mangga’ then it can only mean one thing: the infamous Lokasari “entertainment” complex.

This is where the rot started all those years ago: definitely as far back as the 70s and possibly even before. It’s skuzzy, decrepit, rusting and wanton. A lot like an old and battered Skoda left out to rust at a scrap yard, really.

At Lokasari, the venue of choice must be the infamous Atlanta (click for my short review).

Since those days things have changed a lot of course, and there are now a multitude of gaudy looking spas in the Mangga Besar area, many bizarrely paying homage to ancient Greek, Roman and even Egyptian architecture – evidence perhaps that sleaze and culture can be adroitly mixed.

Located just behind the Lokasari complex - it’s actually sort of attached onto it really – is the three-star Olympic Hotel – which thanks to some refurbishment is in pretty reasonable shape.

Olympic Hotel, Mangga Besar, Jakarta

For some reason there seem to be quite a few Olympic hotels in Indonesia (why’s that?), my favorite being the Olympic Hotel in Surabaya, a wonderfully gaudy edifice that looks as out of place as a burqua on Kuta beach, Bali.

Olympic Hotel Surabaya

As for Jakarta’s Olympic Hotel, it has 107 rooms and plenty of entertainment facilities including karaoke and a spa.

Have fun! 

Olympic Hotel
Jl Mangga Besar VII Kompl THR Lokasari Bl A-63,
Taman Sari,
Telp: (021) 624 6666


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