Fashion Hotel and Spa

We are the goon squad and we're coming to town
~ David Bowie

Jakarta girls are very fashionable I’d say. All the latest fashions are here and in the plush shopping malls like Grand Indonesia or Plaza Senayan it sometimes feels as if you’ve gatecrashed a fashion show. Who’s that chick over there? Is that really an orangutan under her arm? Er no, just a handbag.

What’s more impressive, though, is how good the less well-off girls look dressed in garments that sell for just a few bucks in the cheapo-shopping outlets like those in Mangga Dua, North Jakarta. You can’t go wrong with tight jeans I suppose.

But while tastes in fashion change, men never do. And that’s why Jakarta’s therapeutic spas always do such good business – whatever the latest fashion. 

Recognizing this (the crucial importance of aesthetics), Fashion Spa, located in Gunung Sehari, has earned itself the reputation - deservedly so in my opinion - of having some of the best dressed and hottest therapists in Jakarta’s burgeoning spa scene: 

“What’s your poison?” she asks. I hope she doesn’t mean that literally.

My particular favorites are Rany, Tania and Tini.

Who are yours? (you can see the full list here)

Fashion Hotel and Spa
Jalan Gunung Sahari 12 NO.2A
Telp: (021) 8533-5853

Open 10am until Midnight

Room rate
Super Deluxe: Rp220k
VIP Room: Rp250k
This price includes two sessions (90 minutes) and use of the spa and sauna facilities


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