B Fashion Executive Hotel and Spa

A relatively recent addition to Jakarta’s burgeoning spa scene, B Fashion Executive Hotel and Spa is located nearby to the huge Taman Anggrek shopping mall in West Jakarta.

And what an amazing place it is too!

Very clean and tidy.

And are those garages you are looking at? Yes, they certainly are, because unlike “normal” hotels in Jakarta, you don’t even have to show your face and can simply walk up to your room using the steps at the far end of the garage.

Why the need for annonominity, you may ask? Well does a fish need fins to swim? Or does a plane need wings to fly?

The rooms are furnished in minimalist modern style and come resplendent with a flat plasma TV and ice cool air con.

Of course you wouldn’t come here to be by yourself and there are a number of enticing packages on offer starting from Ice Mouthly and Sweety Honey, leading up to Butterfly and the ultimate package of all - Cakar Harimau (Tiger Claws).

The therapists have various talents which they can put to good use.

B Fashion Executive Hotel and Spa

B Fashion Executive Hotel and Spa

Other facilities at the hotel include a well maintained spa and KTV facilities where you can croon your heart out.

And the damage? Probably less than a million…

BFashion Executive Hotel

Jl. Aranda No. 1
West Jakarta
Telp: (021) 29 666 777


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