Gokul Resto Jakarta

WTF moments come thick and fast in the Big Durian.

And this time it’s served up on the proverbial plate by Groupon Indonesia in collaboration with a non-descript little resto in the Pasar Baru district of Central Jakarta.
 Pasar Baru JakartaGroupon, as you probably already know, is a growing internet company which offers discounts at restaurants, hotels and also for goods which you buy online and are then posted to you.

The restaurant discounts are usually pretty good – up to around 50 percent – but the idea is the restaurant benefits by getting tons of promotion and new customers through its doors.

Hopefully, the customer will have a good experience and they will want to come back. And also pass on the word to their friends as well.

But this is not always the case.

As I found out on Saturday.

Now I’d never heard of Gokul but decided to try the Groupon offer as I love authentic, quality Indian food and because I often find myself in the Pasar Baru area.

The restaurant was easy to find but perched up on the fourth floor of a music shop is not exactly the sort of place you are going to accidentally find.

Inside it’s bright enough with lots of large windows but feels a lot like an office canteen.

We order the food.

About 15 minutes later it’s brought over and what surprises me is that the portions are tiny.

I call back the waitress and mention this to her.

And then in a totally deadpan voice she calmly tells me:

“For these 50% Groupon price offers we are serving smaller portions. Usually the servings would be about twice as large.’”


Too stunned to even reply.


As for the food, it was definitely nothing to shout about at all.

Although the skyline of central Jakarta was pleasant enough…

Jakarta skyline

Gokul Resto
Wijaya Musik Building 4th Floor
Jl. Pasar Baru No 12.
Telp: (021) 381 0492


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