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What goes around comes around.

And Fauzi Bowo is given the V sign.

Fauzi Bowo is given the V sign

Although in this particular case, the Guvnor (sic) ironically gets the two-fingered salute from one of his own supporters who – like Fauzi – appears completely clueless as to the real meaning of this not-so-classy gesture.

But there’s no reason why these political types can’t learn. And from the very worst type of football supporters (*) funnily (appropriately?) enough:

Chesterfield vs Bury

* this famous incident took place after a crucial English league second division game between Chesterfield and Bury a few years back. After scoring an equalizing goal a few minutes from time, the worst of the pond life in Chesterfield invaded the pitch to taunt the Bury players, and the keeper in particular. To his credit, the Bury keeper didn’t lash out and justice was served when Bury scored a last minute goal to get them promoted. As for the mindless chavette, she has apparently been sterilized to prevent her from ever procreating. Or bloody well should have been!


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