Hacienda Bar & Grill

Tequila is what the Mexican people like to call the ‘water of life’. Here in Jakarta, you can find it sold in all sorts of establishments ranging from upmarket bars to sleazy nightclubs. But Tequila - for all its popularity - doesn’t actually taste that nice. In fact it tastes pretty shitty really – abrasive, unsophisticated and just plain nasty. So to make it more palatable they came up with the sophisticated (wacko?) ritual of licking salt prior to drinking the Tequila and - following that - sucking on a bitter lemon. Sorted. Great job done by the PR dudes…High fives all round…

A pretty authentic place in Jakarta to drink Tequila – and of course the Tequila based cocktail Margarita –is in the Hacienda Bar & Grill at the Plaza Senayan Arcadia. It’s a nice little bar and they also serve good Mexican food as well – but which, to my red-hot-chili-accustomed palate, did come across as just a tad bland.

Best of all, though, were the Mexican beers. Because who doesn’t like a Corona?

Hacienda Bar and Grill
Plaza Senayan Arcadia, Unit X 105
Jl. New Delhi No. 9
Pintu I Senayan,
Telp: (021) 5790-1469

Hacienda Bar & Grill


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