20 sexiest Indonesian celebrities (part 2)

If the “big names” on the Indonesian celebrity circuit dominated the first part of my list, the second part, by comparison, is much more nuanced, and includes the names of several relative unknowns, some of whom are destined for big things in my humble opinion.

Here they are:

Farah Quinn
Hot and spicy. And that doesn’t just apply to her cooking, this sultry-looking celebrity chef has won over a legion of admirers across the Indonesian archipelago, although undoubtedly not just for her recipes!

So full of herself that she has acquired a lot of haters - she calls herself “Princess Syahrini” on her twitter account! But few will deny she has considerable talents as well. (as you can see for yourself below.)


Best know as the face in Indonesia’s Axe deodorant advertisements. And what a face it is too.

Jennifer Dunn
Busted for drugs, lovely Jennifer was sent to the slammer, where, bizarrely, she gave birth!

Kiki Amalia
Recently divorced from an Indonesian football player, Kiki is now one of Indonesia’s most eligible janda. Famous for her devastating Playboy photo shoot.

Zahra Jasmine
Zahra Jasmine may have a sweet name. But don’t be fooled. Because, as you can see here, she also has a WILD side to her as well!

Zahra Jasmine

Aurelie Moeremans
Stunning mixed-blood model, Aurelie is as exotic as her name suggests.

Jenny Cortez
Busty Indonesian starlet. What more can you say?

Deriell Jacquelnie
Came to attention as the stunning eye candy in the Indonesian horror flick Tiren, a film so bad that the only part of the film worth watching according to one film critic was the part when one of the characters “starts having an affair with a corpse.”

Putri Anggraini
Presenter of Mata Lelaki (Through Men’s Eyes), a popular lifestyle program that does a great job of revealing the sordid underbelly of the nation’s capital city, Jakarta.


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