Indonesia image of the day (6): The Ministry of Energy and logical faux pax

“We're all mad here.” ~ Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Things are getting curiouser and curiouser in the big Durian and just over there, on a banner outside the Ministry of Energy, is a logical faux pax so bad it would have the English writer Lewis Carroll spinning in his grave if he knew about it:

A MAXIMUM temperature setting of 25° Celsius?!!!! Wtf!

Meaning that it would be acceptable to set your air conditioning thermostat at 16° but not, say, 28°? Isn’t this the very opposite of what they are trying to say? Or are they actually encouraging people to waste energy? But, hey, that could be it. Because there is nothing logical about energy policy in Jakarta, of course. The city’s soul-crushing traffic jams are testament to that: the millions of liters of fuel needlessly burnt every day by the mostly stationary cars and, even more incongruously, this madness funded by the government through its fuel subsidies!

And this is what they have in Bangkok


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