Graffiti art Jakarta

Like most large cities, Jakarta has its fair share of graffiti. But although a lot of it isn’t too good, some good stuff has appeared recently, most notably on the huge concrete pillars that support Jakarta’s inner toll road.

Graffiti art Jakarta
There’s one piece in particular that I like. Not only is the design great – a cool dude smoking the most massive J you can imagine - but the graffiti artist has also had the audacity to paint it on a busy intersection not far from the Jakarta police headquarters.

And if you’ve always fancied yourself as a graffiti artist, but are too lazy to get off your butt click
here for an online graffiti creator!

Other graffiti art in Jakarta:

 The Simpsons

Graffiti art JakartaPop culture is universal and so it seems are the Simpsons.

Beauty is also universal although this woman's breasts have been "censored"

With terrible pollution, crazy traffic, and destruction of the environment, no wonder many artists have an apocalyptic vision of Jakarta's future.

Punk's not dead
This one is testament to the global appeal of youth rebellion and punk culture.


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