Michelle Leslie Bali: the naked truth!

Surprise surprise. Aussie model Michelle Leslie’s suffering is over.

Although she was found guilty on Friday of using a prohibited psychotropic drug (ecstasy), those kind judges in Bali unsurprisingly opted to give her only a three-month sentence, which considering that she was arrested almost exactly three months ago, means that she’s now a free woman.

Michelle Leslie won’t have to dig too deeply into her pockets either. Although the judges had recently fined an Indonesia dude over US$1,000 for a similar drugs offence, they only fined Michelle the princely sum of 1,000 rupiah (about 10 cents!!!). How very considerate of them: it really seems that Michelle’s considerable charms won them over in the end!!!

Summing up the court’s verdict, Judge I Gusti Ngurah Astawa said that Michelle was given a light sentence because she had been “honest, polite and remorseful during trial”.

"The defendant is still young and has no prior criminal record, has been well behaved and conveyed her regret in front of court," he explained.

If only Corby had known that, huh?

But if you’ve been reading this blog, you’ll know the real reasons for young Michelle’s dramatic turnaround in fortunes. Either that or she won the judges over with some pretty stunning pictures of herself.

Michelle Leslie Bali
Was Michelle Leslie taken for a ride in Indonesia?


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