No Sex Please, we're Indonesian!

Every year, UK condom manufacturer Durex conducts a survey on people’s sex-lives across the globe. From the results of the survey, Durex calculates, for each county, the average number of times couples have nookie over the period of one year. Here is the league table for select countries:

Country / Average no. of bonkings per year
Greece 138
France 120
Britain 118
The Netherlands 115
Poland 115
The US 113
Australia 108
China 96
Taiwan 89
Vietnam 87
Malaysia 83
Hong Kong 78
Indonesia 77
India 75
Singapore 73
Japan 45

WTF! Just look at those low scores for Asian countries!! Just what the heck is going on?

At the bottom of the list is Japan. Not too surprising that. Did you know that Japanese is the only language in the world that has a word for “death from overwork”? Poor blighters: they are practically digging their own graves, and they can’t even manage it once a week (once every 8.11 days according to the data).

But also near the very bottom of the list is Indonesia. Now that doesn’t make sense to me. After all, Indonesians have a far more relaxed approach to work than the Japanese, Americans and even Europeans do, so they can hardly claim to be too stressed out to forego nuptial couplings. So what is going on exactly? If you know, please tell me. And oh, don’t you wish you were born in Greece? Lucky blighters…


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