Remember your responsibilities Tiara Lestari!

Tiara Lestari sexy
Tiara Lestari may not be particularly well known yet in her native Indonesia, but she’s certainly attracted an army of fans across the globe after posing for adult magazine heavyweights Playboy and Penthouse. And it seems that many of her admirers are curious to know more. Since I posted an article about her on my own blog, my page hits have shot up. It’s a good job then that she has set up her very own blog – two in fact - to keep her fans updated on her latest news. And judging by the feedback from her readers, her blogs seem to be doing very well indeed. In fact, she’s probably Indonesia’s most popular blogger at the moment. And good for her!

I for one am very glad of Tiara’s success. Indonesia has been on the backend of some negative news reporting in recent years, and I think that her achievements should certainly help to improve the country’s image. Indonesia has for too long been associated with terrorist lunatics. But with Tiara in the limelight, who knows? Perhaps she can become some sort of metaphor for the natural charms and beauty of this vast archipelago.

Her success should also provide inspiration to Indonesia’s young women. Well, those with sexy bodies and pretty faces at least. It is possible to achieve your dreams! Don’t let anything hold you back!

But looking ahead, I hope she doesn’t come to take her fans for granted. Her recent idea of giving fans a chance to speak to her by calling her up on the telephone was a good one, but I think it was taking the piss a bit to charge premium rates. Learn from that Tiara!

She should also be aware of her civic responsibilities. Indonesia is a developing country and many of its citizens still live close to the poverty line. So I think Tiara should try to give back something to the Indonesian people. Perhaps through fundraising initiatives. And I’ve a few ideas on how she could raise money for charity with the help of her fans:

-Autographed photos. She could sell signed photos to her fans. Just imagine how much they could be worth in a few years’ time!

-Auctioned dinner. Fans could place bids for the right to take her out to dinner in Jakarta. What more could any fan ask for?!! The perfect chance to really get to know her.

-Underwear sale. Many of her fans would love some TL memorabilia, and what could be better than some ex-TL underwear? Let’s face it: how many fans would not be interested in getting their hands – or even possibly another part of their anatomy — on some musky TL panties? Sniff sniff....


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