Bad English in Jakarta

Jakartass really lets rip in his latest post, slagging off local airline Adam Air for coming up with a really amateurish piece of advertising that is riddled with grammatical errors.

He even concludes that travelers might do well to avoid the airline.

“After all”, he says, “if they couldn't give a sh*t about a simple thing like that, then what are the odds that they cut corners on aircraft maintenance?”

Good point.

But Adam Air isn’t alone when it comes to producing badly written English.

The fact is many companies in Indonesia can’t be bothered to get their stuff checked first. And to be honest, I don’t think they really care.

Sometimes it can even be fun trying to spot examples of “English gone wrong” in the local media as well as in public places.

Like this banner outside a shop in the plush residential area of Menteng for example.

What would Human Rights Watch Asia make of this?


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