Japanese maids in Jakarta

Our Indonesian maids are giving us trouble at the moment.

They have told my wife that they want to go home for the Lebaran holidays despite having promised earlier to stay until after the holidays have finished.

The selfish little blighters. Just who the hell do they think is going to wash my clothes and get my beers if they just take off like that? The wife, to her credit, seemed to sort it out pretty swiftly though:
go now, and you won’t get your Lebaran bonus.

That soon shut them up - although I do detect a simmering resentment in the way they are going about their household chores now. I just hope they don’t try and poison me or anything.

A bit concerned, I thought I’d sleep on it and try and settle the matter later. Probably best to get them replaced. After all, they aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed and even have problems in answering a phone properly. And one of them even put my Pringles in the fridge.

Anyway, later on my wife calls me downstairs and says that she has found some replacements.

Bagaimana pembantu- pembantu ini?

A quartet of Japanese girls are standing next to her:

sexy Japanese maids in Jakarta

- Er... do you think they are appropriate? – they look, er, foreign to me.

Jangan kuno darling! Sudah jadi trend. Dulu Philippines kirim pembantu mereka ke Hong Kong. Zaman udah berubah. Indonesia GDP/capita sudah US$40,000. Sekarang Japan yg kirim pembantu mereka ke Indonesia!

- But I’m not sure if it’s really such a good idea sayang…

Baiklah! Saya senang kamu setuju. Sekarang aku to gym

- No don’t leave me alone. Please!

The four Japanese girls start to come closer…

Then I wake up. Thank God I was dreaming!

As for the Japanese, I think there’s a lot to admire really. No hang-ups whatsoever. Some of their fetishes are a bit weird admittedly and some would even be considered damn right criminal in the so-called liberal countries of the West. And yes the Japanese do like maids. A lot. They even make cartoon games about them (warning: this is extremely office unfriendly if you know what I mean!).


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