RIP Inong Haris

Strange goings on at ungodly hours. This time a bunch of the scraggiest alley cats you have ever seen gather outside my house – in that twilight zone of around 3.00-4.00am – to give a passable rendition of Oasis’s What’s the Story Morning Glory?

Feeling in a charitable mood, I gave the poor blighters what they wanted – some leftover bandeng presto fish (*) - and they soon departed, bellies full.

* while looking for a bandeng presto recipe I came across the blog of Indonesian blogger Inong Haris, who despite being only 32 years old tragically passed away in Singapore. God bless her. It’s eerie visiting her blog, as if time suddenly stopped still. Even so, her blog still seems to be very popular. This made me wonder: could it be that blogs will become to be seen as a way of offering a permanent legacy to ordinary people, something in the past that only the rich and famous could hope to attain?

We shall live on forever. Well at least in the internet…


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